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Monofrequency GeoRadar


Conventional georadar provides high-resolution sections of the surveyed surface.

When the size and depth of the study targets are defined, a proper frequency (or frequencies) is selected and the survey is carried out with the appropriate antenna. Generally georadar studies are restricted to a few meters from the surface.

It is a methodology very demanded due to the lateral resolution, rapidity in data acquisition and low cost. Georadar is a very useful tool that requires qualified personnel for the correct interpretation of raw field data.


3D Multifrequency GeoRadar


The state-of-the-art in GPR technology is represented by the new 3D multifrequency systems. The main advantages of these units are:

  1. Broader bandwidth.
  2. Multiple Sensors in a single antenna.
  3. Error free in positioning of parallel profiles.
  4. Pulse velocity determination.
  5. Survey speed.
  6. Detailed 3D models.

This type of georadar is a revolution in the geophysical community due to their versatility, capacity of definition and mainly by the reduction of the associated economic costs.




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