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Ground studies

Ground Studies


Geophysical prospection constitutes a very versatile tool in terrain studies, allowing to obtain data of continuous character in the form of 2D and 3D models of the internal structure of the land.

Data acquisition is fast, investigating large areas at reduced costs. They are nondestructive methods and the measurement equipment is in general light and portable making it the preferred option in those areas where access is limited or restricted with a minimum impact for the environment.




Defects or failures in man-made structures can result in very large costs or, in the worst case, in personal injuries or fatalities. Geophysical techniques are becoming one of the preferred tools in Quality Assurance and Quality Control in construction projects due to their nondestructive character, quick spatial scanning and relative low cost.

Concrete integrity and its reinforcement can be analyzed to identify hidden defects (voids, cracks, humidity, etc). Moreover, they can provide continuous data and the combination of different methods may be integrated in order to provide a comprehensive, yet focused response to each client's particular needs.


Civil engineering

Civil Engineering Studies

obra civil

Throughout the life span of a civil construction project geophysical tools are widely used. From the early drawing-board point to the operational days of the infrastructure, geophysics is often used by professionals around the world.

It is used in the investigation of tunnels, bridges, trenches, embankments, airports, railroads, harbors, etc.


pipes location

Buried Utilities Location

localizacion de servicios

Geofísica Consultores has a department specialized in the location of buried utilities

The services that offer the department involve cartography of buried services, insitu determination of pipe positions, location of safe spots for drilling campaigns, penetrometers, and the location of buried structures (gas tanks, hidden manholes, etc).


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