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The final result of this kind of buried utilities surveys is the generation of a detailed map of all existing utilities.

Geo-referenced GPR and EM data is acquired following a pattern that follows the estimated network of utilities. A submetric GPS or total station is used for locating field data.



In Situ Location

localizacion insitu

Sometimes it is necessary to provide immediate answers marking in the ground the detected services at the same time of field data acquisition.

These kind of projects are characterized by the rapidity in the delivery of results, as well as the significant price reduction due to the conclusion of the works after leaving the study area.


Support for drilling and trenching

ubicacion de sondeos

These kind of projects are used as a preventive measure in sensitive areas,

investigating zones where it is desired to carry out drillings, trenching, or other invasive methods that may affect existing buried services. These projects are very demanded in sensitive places like gas stations, airports, refineries, urban centers, etc…


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