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Multiparametric probe

Multiparametric probe

This kind of logging is indicated for all type of studies that require a simultaneous electrical and radioactive characterization of the materials along the borehole walls. It is especially suited for studies focused on lithology, bulk density variations, bed thickness determination, or borehole inclination.

It is of particular use in hydrogeological studies because it is able to record continuously up to eight different parameters such as lateral resistivity, inclination and azimuth of the borehole (deviation), natural Gamma, temperature, resistance, resistivity of the fluid and spontaneous potential.

Borehole deviation probe

desviacion de sondeos

Specific log for the evaluation of borehole deviation with respect to the vertical or projected trajectory.

This probe is equipped with a three-dimensional sensor, able to record in continuous mode the azimuth and the inclination of the borehole with a resolution of 0.1 degrees for the azimuth. It can operate in boreholes with inclination angles between 0 and 70 degrees.

It is used in cross-hole surveys to calculate the exact distance between adjacent (source and receiver) boreholes.

Acoustic Televiewer

acoustic televiewer

The televiewer probe provides a continuous, detailed and oriented image of the borehole walls. It allows to map the dimension and direction of open fractures, joints and to estimate the deformation field of around the borehole.

The acoustic televiewer probe records the amplitude and traveltime of reflected acoustic waves, determining, in addition, the real diameter of the borehole.

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